Cressingham Training


NLP courses are now offered at the Cressingham School of Hypnotherapy and the Cressingham Coaching Academy

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

We offer two levls of NLP course. The standard 4 day Practitoner level and the 6 day Advanced (Masters) level.

Both of which may be completed by Home Study.

The 4 day attendance course is included in the Clinical Hypnotherapy course – across 2 weekends a month apart. You can read about it by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Master NLP Practitioner; Neuroscience NLP

6 Day attendance plus some home study

NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Home study training courses.

This incredible NLP Master Practitioner course takes you from basics to master very quickly. It will cover all the basics of the ‘standard’ 4 day NLP programme with Master NLP stuff too. But it is delivered with all the neuroscience and evolutionary psychology behind what is happening. This will allow you to the use processes better as you will know what is going to happen and for your client to understand what is happening to them.

All of the below will be explained in terms of neuroscience. It would be very useful to have completed the Light Your Brain Up – Basic Neuroscience course. It is not compulsory but highly recommended.

Content and Structure

For this NLP Master Practitioner course you will receive a set of DVD’s of a live 4 day NLP Practitioner course. This is to be watched prior to attendance as it will teach you the basics of NLP. I will be spending the attendance time in supercharging you to a highly skilled Advanced Master Practitioner with not only the knowledge of an NLP Master Practitioner but also the real Neuroscience behind how it works.

I am not going to list in detail all the NLP processes covered – a list most of the topics is given below. Right at the end of this page is one process that is incredibly powerful.

  • Rapport
  • Representational Systems
  • Advanced Sub-modalities
  • Goals
  • Well Formed Outcomes
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Parts Integration
  • Time based Re-Patterning
  • Language and Influence
  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Taking control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • Take control of your beliefs to empower yourself
  • Discover the Incredible power of Anchoring
  • Reframing
  • MetaPrograms and Values
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Advanced Behavioural Modelling
  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions
  • Guided ‘Trance-work’
  • Other Elements

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